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    A ship in the port is safe,
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About Our Company

Tiger Marine Services was established in 1999 and we have achieved numerous goals, with many more to come. Since then, we have been the market leaders helping vessel owner firms with Oil Tank Cleaning, De-Rusting/Blasting, and Painting in the United Arab Emirates.

Over the past 23 years, the TMS operations team has completed over 1000 Tank Cleaning jobs, around 125 De-Rusting/Hydro-blasting projects, and 125 Painting projects, as well as providing (certified labor) for 400+ projects, and has been involved in 85-90% of the cleaning projects at Khalid Port.

TMS’s certified workforce is recognized in the region as being the most efficient and skilled , holding the record for finishing projects in the quickest service time span.


TMS proudly offers machine rentals that includes Cherry Pickers, Mobile Cranes, Generators, Compressors, Forklifts, High-pressure washing machines and Pumps. Qualified and Certified Technicians and Machine operators are also available

Cherry Pickers

We have diesel operated cherry pickers with working heights from 16 meters to 41 meters

Mobile Cranes

capacity ranging from

50 tons up to 1200 tons


2 ton to 10 ton

forklifts available

HP Machines

Diesel and Electric driven High-Pressure Machines with 500 bar working pressure


150 CFM to 750 CFM Air Compressors with 7 bar operating pressure


5 KVA up to 750 KVA

generators available

We inspire our clients to run their projects with the help of top technologies and innovative methods

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